Not Recommended Practices

Among the restoration practices condemned by the Secretary of the Interior are these:

Failing to provide adequate protection to materials on a cyclical basis so that deterioration of interior features results.

Permitting entry into historic buildings through unsecured or broken windows and doors so that the interior features and finishes are damaged by exposure to weather or through vandalism.

Stripping interiors of features such as woodwork, doors, windows, light fixtures, copper piping, radiators; or of decorative materials.

Failing to provide proper protection of interior features and finishes during work so that they are gouged, scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged. Failing to take new use patterns into consideration so that interior features and finishes are damaged.

Using destructive methods such as propane or butane torches or sandblasting to remove paint or other coatings. These methods can irreversibly damage the historic materials that comprise interior features.

Using new paint colors that are inappropriate to the historic building.

Changing the texture and patina of character-defining features through sandblasting or use of abrasive methods to remove paint, discoloration or plaster. This includes both exposed wood (including structural members) and masonry.

Failing to undertake adequate measures to assure the protection of interior features and finishes.

Removing or radically changing windows which are important in defining the historic character of the building so that, as a result, the character is diminished.

Changing the number, location, size or glazing pattern of windows, through cutting new openings, blocking-in windows, and installing replacement sash that do not fit the historic window opening.

Changing the historic appearance of windows through the use of inappropriate designs, materials, finishes, or colors which noticeably change the sash, depth of reveal, and muntin configuration; the reflectivity and color of the glazing; or the appearance of the frame.

Installing new windows, including frames, sash, and muntin configuration that are incompatible with the building’s historic appearance or obscure, damage, or destroy character-defining features.