Work Schedule

Generally, we plan on being here every Saturday from about 10am to about 3 pm, but that could change—even at the last minute. Right now the best bet is to contact Frank Greenagel (908) 627-1234 regarding schedule.

June 28
Temporary windows have been installed, the doors have been hung, the cellar has been cleaned up, a temporary staircase railing has been built, and much of the slate patio from the 1940s has been uncovered. There’s still much to be done before the Olde Towne Festival, the most important of which is a clean-up of the exterior and the kitchen. We’ll be working part of almost every weekday and someone is likely to be working on Saturday and Sunday—not a full workcrew, but several of our regulars, Bob Gloor, Ed Saultz, Randy Piazza.

May 5
Among the immediate clean-up and stabilization tasks are these: (1) remove all modern fixtures in the bathrooms; (2) remove the poison ivy from the exterior walls; (3) stabilize the flooring and the access to the crawl space in the attached kitchen; (4) shore up the flooring in the second floor right rear bedroom; (5) install a temporary door at the rear of the building.

The non-construction history-related tasks are: (1) obtain access to all available materials relating to the site in the possession of the Phillipsburg Historical Society; (2) construct the genealogical data on John Roseberry family; (3) construct a complete record of ownership of the property from Daniel Coxe to the present; (4) copy maps and other plans of the property from the eighteenth century to the present.