We’re going to try to list all the people who have helped out in any way on this page. We’ll initially miss someone, but eventually we’ll get all names recorded. This will form a permanent (well, semi-permanent—not as permanent as a bronze plaque) record of those who are making the restoration of the Roseberry Homestead possible.

Scott Curzi, Randy Piazza, Wayne Sherer, Ed & Donna Marie Saultz, Bob Gloor, Bill Woodall, Harry Wyant, Carol Stocker, Michael Margulies, Jim Lee, Chris Frey, Diane Wilson, Steve Ellis, Andy Drysdale, the people from the Westover church in Greensboro, North Carolina: Brett Adamson & Mike Jacobs, Brittany Buxton, Logan Dailey, Brooke Eller, Brittany Hobson, Mitchell Freyer, Chris Hopkins, Justin Mabe, Chelsea McLendon, Thomas Webster, and Zack Wilson.