We are a small group of volunteers who have taken it upon ourselves to restore the Roseberry Homestead to something approaching its eighteenth century condition. We’ve just affiliated with the Phillipsburg Area Historical Society to expand the scope of our activity. Not incidentally, the Society was organized in 1972 specifically to restore and maintain the Roseberry property. It did so with great success for a few years, but eventually vandalism and lack of sufficient interest strained the organization, and its lease on the property reverted to the Town.

At the moment, we think the public is best served by making it available for occasional tours and special events, and, of course, for school field trips. That may change, as we learn more about the building and the cost of restoring it to a condition that will permit public access and provide a stimulating learning experience. For more information about the group, or how to get involved, please contact Frank Greenagel (908) 627-1234.

We welcome visitors. The house is located at 540 Warren Street, immediately adjacent to the Middle School.

We also accept monetary contributions. If you can contribute, it really would be appreciated. We are now a registered non-profit organization, so all contributions are tax deductible. Send your check to the Phillipsburg Area Historical Society – Roseberry Fund – at the Town Hall, 675 Corliss Avenue, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865. We’ll put the money to good work!

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