Shutter Installation complete

All nineteen shutters have been installed—we are finally finished with the blue plastic and the plywood. Apart from the time spent attaching the hardware, which was mostly done off-site, each pair of shutters took about an hour-and-a-half to install and fit—my rough estimate—I only actually timed the work on one window. Anyone who was there and watched the process had to be impressed with the amount of individual fitting required. Especially on the window frames that were original; installation on the new frames required less fitting.

The shutters on the first floor of the main part of the house have three panels, and those on the second story are louvered. This was the traditional pattern for Georgian houses of the period. The Spanish Red color is authentic—we found small areas on a shim under the window frame with that color, had it scanned and analyzed, and matched it exactly. It is probably not a coincidence that several of the other dwellings of the same period in this part of the Delaware Valley also used Spanish Red for windows and shutters.

Kitchen window

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