Jeff Finegan speaks on George Washington

At the open house on a beautiful Sunday afternoon Jeff Finnegan, who is an expert on George Washington, enthralled the audience with a recounting of significant events in Washington’s life. No, Washington never slept in the Roseberry House, but its construction was more-or-less contemporary with Washington’s assuming command of the Continental army. Finnegan’s was a lively account of Washington’s early years, his development as a public figure at the same time as he was deeply involved in expanding Mount Vernon and engaged in other money-making activities. The windows were all in, the plywood removed and extensive displays of artifacts from the archaeological work were set up inside the house. Announcements had been sent home with students from several of the elementary schools in town, and there were quite a few parents with kids in tow, who toured the house, although I saw no little ones in the audience for Jeff’s talk. High school students from PASS–the town’s alternative high school–assisted with preparations, tours and greeting guests. They were invariably cheerful and very helpful; we hope to see more of them.

Gil Greene introduces Jeff Finnegan

Jeff Finegan address the crowd outside the old kitchen

Pamela Backes readies the front parlor for tours

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