Cellar windows installed

detail of the cellar window

The cellar windows are quite different than what we are used to.  Sometimes there was a sill, sometimes not. We elected the no-sill option.  Although the original windows of the Roseberry house have not survived, this style is authentic to the period. There’s no glass in them, but screens on the inside protect against insects, birds and small rodents. I watched the installation of these windows, and they are VERY securely anchored, with heavy bolts into the rock (not the mortar joints). Ultimately they will hardly be noticed—the piazza (porch) will extend the full length of the house when it is rebuilt a couple years from now, and the cellar door and the two cellar windows will be largely overshadowed. If we wind up configuring the cellar for workshops and meetings, we’ll fit them with glass to keep the cold out. But that’s a decision for next year.

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