New window frames ready for installation

In the first weeks of June passersby will notice something very new about the Roseberry House-the original windows have been refurbished where possible and replaced where necessary. The millwork has been competed, stacked up waiting for the windows themselves in the photo below. The original color—a dark brownish red—discovered on a shim beneath one of the original sills was scanned and matched by the nice people at Sherwin-Williams in town, is being applied. The place will begin to approach its original appearance. There’s not enough money available now to replace the shutters, but that will happen next year (we hope!). In the meantime, we’ll have to put plywood over the windows again—to protect them from stone-throwers who pitched rocks through many of the temporary blue plexiglass panels that have been there for the last year. That’s unfortunate, but vandalism is a fact of life, even for historic places.

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