Another piece of the puzzle

Preservation work often turns up more questions than immediate answers when one is digging around in an old building. While preparing the window openings for new or repaired sills, our lead carpenter, Noah Woodruff, discovered this small domino underneath the old sill. It’s handmade, and probably of whalebone, or maybe ivory; definitely not cow bone or wood. The “spots” are hand-drilled holes, and the divider between the two sides has been sawn or filed. The holes are not perfectly aligned and the divider is a little crooked. The domino is 2.7 cm long and about .5 cm high. We don’t know the date of it—probably late-eighteenth century, or why it was under the sill. Seems like it had to have been placed there deliberately. These are the kinds of artifacts that may tell us something about the lifestyle and culture of the early inhabitants—or the builder. As we learn more, we’ll post additional information here.

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  1. Frank Greenagel Says:

    Our architect, Michael Margulies, believes that sill is a replacement, not the original, so the date of the domino is now of less significance than if it has been foundbelow the original window sill.

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