Hello Phillipsburg!

This is the website where we’ll keep you informed of the work we’re doing to restore the Roseberry Homestead to something like its original eighteenth-century condition.

We’ll have a lot of pictures of the building as we found it in April 2009, and we’ll show some before-and-after shots as we proceed. The website (it’s technically a blog rather than a traditional website) will have a lot of the history of the building and of early Phillipsburg. Our purposes in creating this blog are several:

  • To let people know what’s going on with an important historical site
  • To provide some recognition for the volunteers who are spending time and money to restore it
  • To solicit your support, any information you have about the Roseberry homestead, your comments and reactions

3 Responses to “Hello Phillipsburg!”

  1. Tammy Brooks Says:

    I am sitting here in Ohio researching my family history and stumbled upon your site. My mothers maiden name is Roseberry and I have found that we are direct descendants of John Michael Roseberry. I am thrilled to tears the place is being restored and will have to make it to Phillipsburgh to see it in person sometime soon. Thank you all so very much for caring enough and doing something about it.

  2. flg Says:

    Ms Brooks:

    Please let us know what you find about the early Roseberry family. We have little information as yet, and we’ve very interested in filling out all aspects related to the house.

  3. Tammy Brooks Says:

    I am trying very hard to put the pieces of the family tree together.there are several very informative publications on the internet from old books and newspaper articles.I will probably make a trip to philipsburgh toward the end of summer beginning of fall to see the house for myself and try to gather more information.If you have any suggestions on where i should start when i make my visit i am open to all suggestions.
    Thank you,Tammy

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