Congratulations to Noah Woodruff!

Posted in work plan / schedule on May 21st, 2012 by flg

Noah was the master carpenter on the replacement of the windows and doors. He is the feature in the cover story in the Journal of Light Construction. One has to be a subscriber to see the entire 8 page article, but the first 100 words are free:

We see a lot of old buildings in our work in eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey. Many are built of stone, which has a unique elegance but also presents some production challenges – for example, how best to install windows and doors, the components most likely to fail. On a recent project, we were asked to repair the windows and doors of a 1760s Georgian stone building. In some cases, we were able to replace just the thresholds, sills, and sash, but many of the openings required complete replacements.

The article has a step-by-step narrative with many excellent photos. I’m trying to get a copy, or permission to display the PDF here, but don’t know if that’s possible. We’re proud of Noah, and delighted to show off his excellent work.