Elements of the Preservation Plan

Posted in Uncategorized on January 5th, 2010 by flg

We are in the process of writing a formal Preservation Plan for review & approval by the state’s Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), a requirement for properties on the National Register. With all the attachments and appendices, it will probably run to more than 50 pages. That plan will eventually be posted here. In the meantime, we solicit suggestions and opinions from the public as to how the Roseberry house might be used five years from now, when the preservation and restoration process is (probably) complete.

We began our thinking about the Plan many months ago—certainly by last May. Here are the major assumptions we’ve made going into the planning process:

  • The site must be available for educational tours and programs for students in the region’s schools
  • The site may be used for workshops, lectures, concerts and other history-themed events
  • The site should eventually be open regular hours to the general public
  • Certain rooms and features (especially the wall paintings) should be available for study by preservation students and scholars
  • The site should be an active venue (not merely a house museum) for programs & events during all seasons
  • Consideration should be given to space for exhibitions, a library, a colonial garden, and perhaps other functions
  • The primary interpretive focus should be the late colonial-early Revolutionary period of American history

We expect to submit the Preservation Plan to SHPO before the end of the month, and hope to begin the initial tasks of investigation and analysis by mid-winter.